Derek J Neuland (backstabber) wrote in tvondvd,
Derek J Neuland

Firefly: The Complete Series Blu-Ray on sale for $23.49 @ Amazon

Firefly: The Complete Series Blu-Ray is on sale at Amazon today only for $23.49. This is the lowest the blu-ray set has ever been (it was $36.49 yesterday)!

On the Blu-ray discs
Firefly has a picture that's a little softer than most Blu-ray discs (especially in the effects shots), but it is an improvement over the DVDs (even in an upconverting DVD player or Blu-ray player), and the punchy sound (DTS HD 5.1 compared to the DVDs' 2.0 surround) is a definite upgrade. In addition to the original bonus features, there are a couple new ones: a 25-minute conversation among Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Ron Glass, and Alan Tudyk in which they discuss the series and a number of specific episodes (Fillion recalls thinking he was getting fired after the first episode), and a new commentary track by the four fellows on "Our Mrs. Reynolds." And since it's easy to get sucked into watching multiple episodes, it's nice to have a Play All feature on the BDs.
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